Major Requirements

The major in Women’s and Gender Studies requires a total of eleven courses. In addition to the three foundational courses (Introduction to Women’s and Gender StudiesFeminist Theory, and Women’s and Gender Studies Capstone), students must take eight additional electives.

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program offers four areas of concentration:

Additional Requirements

Students majoring in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program must take at least one elective from either Globalization and Poverty or Social Justice and Violence, and one course each in Sexuality Studies, Cultural and Media Representations of Gender, and Race and Racism.

The five additional electives are to be chosen by the student. We urge students to take courses and courses that encompass issues of diversity within the U.S. context. Of the total electives required for the major, one must be outside the Western European/North American context.

In addition, students are encouraged to take a Community Based Learning course (CBL) or volunteer in a community service organization. Please contact the Center for Social Justice office at 202-687-5330, 130 Poulton, for more information, application forms, and volunteer opportunities. Also, volunteer opportunity links can be found under the Resources tab on this website.