Outstanding Senior Award

In 1998, a generous gift from an anonymous donor to the Women’s and Gender Studies Program established our Outstanding Senior Award Fund. This award is given annually to the student who has shown excellence in scholarship, intellectual leadership, and service while at Georgetown. The winner of this award is presented with a check at the College Tropaia Program at graduation.

At the end of each academic year, we honor our seniors at a dinner hosted by the faculty and staff of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. During the dinner, the seniors present a synopsis of the theses that they have completed for the Senior Capstone Course. The Outstanding Senior Award is presented at this dinner.

Past award winners

1998 Keisha-Khan Perry
1999 Anna Gehriger
2000 Mary C. Foltz
2001 Raven Reisner
2002 Jennifer Arbuse
2003 Marcie E. Parkhurst and Jessica Corsi
2004 Elizabeth Ellcessor
2005 Kristina Gupta
2006 Louisa Cox Butler
2007 Tiffany Rose Kuehner
2008 Amanda Rose Sandberg
2009 Kimberly Schisler
2010 Marion Cory
2011 Ja-Rei Wang and Jared Watkins
2011 Clare Flanagan
2012 Erin Kilbride
2013 Madeline Wiseman
2014 Mary Toscano
2015 Minna Song
2016 Chandini Jha
2017 Gabi E. Hasson
2018 Annie Mason and Michaela Pepi-Lewis
2019 Kory Stuer
2020 Erin Kilbride
2021 Kalina Majercak
2022 Siena Rose Mary Hohne