Faculty Research

In addition to teaching, our faculty are publishing insightful papers that not only enrich students’ experiences but also are important contributions to the field of feminist scholarship.

Check out some of our faculty’s most recent publications and conference presentations here:

Research by Faculty Member

You-Me Park

The Crucible of Sexual Violence: Militarized Masculinities and the Abjection of Life in Post-Crisis, Neoliberal South Korea” Published in Feminist Studies, 2016. 

Pamela Fox

The ‘Telling Part’: Reimagining Racial Recognition in Jackie Kay’s Adoptee Search Narratives” Published in Contemporary Women’s Writing, 2015. 

Bonnie Morris

Olivia Records: The Production of a Movement” Published in The Journal of Lesbian Studies, 2015.

Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano

Women’s Empowerment and Participation in Agricultural Value Chains: Argan oil in Morocco and Color Cotton in Peru” Presented at the 2016 Writing Women’s Lives Conference at Georgetown University in Qatar.