WGST Annual Student Conference (April 15th, 10:00am-5:00pm)

Please join the Women’s and Gender Studies Program for our annual student conference featuring writer, activist, and Fulbright Scholar Helen Zia!


10:00-11:00 Meet and Greet

11:00-12:10 Student Session I (“Resisting Violence”)
“Compulsory Mental Health and Trans Experience,” Kory Stuer
“Survivor-Centered Youth Education: An evaluation of Interpersonal Violence Prevention Programs in K-12 Schools,” Avery Moje
“Desexualization and Ableism in Sexual Assault against Women with Intellectual Disabilities,” Kiki Schmalfuss
“Intersectionality, Oppression, Liberation, and Power Dynamics: Sex Work as a Means of Nonviolent Resistance,” Jordan Brown

12:20-1:30 Student Session II (“Culture of Freedom”)
“Keith Haring, Art, and Activism,” Hanna Chan
“Instagr(Ma)mmaries: How Breastfeeding is Displayed and Discussed on Instagram,” Eva McGEhee
“Trans Theory and Feminist Theory: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?” Hannah Crand
“TransFeminism,” Chad Gasman

1:30-2:10 Lunch

2:10-3:20 Student Session III (“Engaging the State”)
“Caring Confined: Mass Incarceration and the Meaning of Motherhood,” Melissa Morgan
“Without Title IX, I’d Be Nowhere: The Mixed Impact of Title IX on US Women’s Athletics,” Quinn Cummings
“Korean Manhood in Production: (Negotiating) Soft Masculinity and Military Conscription,” Min Ju Shin
“Waves, Women, and Winning,” Katarina Wilson

3:30-4:30 Plenary Session with Helen Zia
4:30 The Essay Prize Ceremony