Georgetown College offers both a major and minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, and the School for Foreign Service offers a certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies (equivalent to a minor). The Women’s and Gender Studies major is an option within the Interdisciplinary Studies Program.

Interested students should contact the Director, You me Park, as early as possible in their sophomore year to plan a program of study.

Using cross-cultural and multi-racial perspectives, the program includes exploration of:

  • women’s lives, labor and arts
  • the politics of sexuality
  • the structural, institutional, legal, and historical meanings of gender
  • the history of gender roles and performances
  • representations of women in different media
  • the impact of gendered analysis on the sciences
  • the gendered formation of knowledge

Learning Goals
  • Engage critically and at an advanced level with concepts and debates in contemporary feminist theory and critical theories of gender and sexuality as they intersect with race, ethnicity, class, religion, nationality, geopolitical and regional specificities.
  • Orient themselves within a range of intellectual, social and political histories relevant to the field.
  • Develop the ability to analytically explore and engage critical and historical concepts and apply them within discussion and debate, academic research and writing, and praxis.
  • Interrogate the assumptions on which their own approaches to gender or sexuality- related cultural analysis are based.
  • Develop an understanding of the various disciplines that inform women’s and gender studies, including health/medicine; law; politics; international relations; economics; media and communication studies; philosophy; theology; cultural studies; ethnic, regional and post-colonial studies. Learn to assess and question the divisions between these disciplines and develop an understanding of interdisciplinarity and post-disciplinarity.
  • Design and execute independent research in the field at an advanced level, sufficient to be considered for publication.

If you would like to make a gift in support of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, contact the Office of Advancement.